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Very strong at Concord Invitational

posted Oct 14, 2012, 10:23 AM by Paul Ripka   [ updated Oct 14, 2012, 10:24 AM ]
At NHTI in Concord, the Varsity Boys took home first place, and the Varsity Girls took 2nd.
For first place the Varsity Boys received a plaque.  Both Varsity squads also received race t-shirts as their awards.
Teams below (* indicates individual medalists)

Girls: 5*. Erica Lane (20:29), 8*. Sarah House (20:58), 10*. Alex Pickett (21;13), 12.  Brittany Gravalles (21:15), 15. Katherine Brennan (21:46), 20.Julia Glisson (22:08), 23. Evelyn Platko (22:26)

Boys: 5*. Ben Francis (17:01), 6*. Mitchell Ripka (17:03), 7*. Blake Williams (17:26), 9.* Josh Ware (17:27), 15.Ryan Sexton (17:47), 18. Sam Gustafson, 20. Connor Lane (18:00)

Although not officially scored as teams, had they been, both JV squads would also have placed 2nd showing a promising future for the team.  Leading the way for the boys in 2nd place was Brian Stankiewicz and Bobby Desmond in 4th.  The remaining top 5 were Hersh Rai, Keo Simomsen, and James Jolly.  The girls were also tightly grouped taking 2nd-4th (Mogan Lussier, Kellie Mathewson, Cassie Toribio), followed by Amanda Franklin and Katie Spencer.